“polvoron group exhibition”


Polvoron” the exhibition, combines two female artists of the Filipino minority, born and raised in Hong Kong. They are Nicole Roquel and Pixie Cascante, both mastering medias of their choice at a young age. Their creations visually reflect their upbringing in a multicultural city, where they are still seen as second class citizens, expected to work as domestic helpers, serve in hospitality or the entertainment industry. Additionally, fitting in with the local community is another task they face everyday. Growing up humbly and multifaceted, the artists struggle to feel “fully” Filipino or like a true Hong Konger, since either group doesn’t claim them. As daunting as it may sound, this gifts them with a different vision.

What’s remarkable about Filipino TCK’s (third culture kids) is that there already exists an inherent layer of lost identity, embedded in Philippine history. The serial colonialism it faced, only left vestiges of a pure Filipino culture that hasn’t come from Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, or American powers. So what becomes of those people, growing up in a city that suffers from its own identity crisis? Hong Kong— a city that defines itself upon its distinction against other Chinese states as a former British colony.

The polvoron is a classic Filipino treat that originally arrived in the country as a Spanish import. Hence, the signature shortbread was chosen to represent this exhibition as it embodies the habitual assimilation of foreign cultures in Philippine history. Being a sweet and creamy delight, it doubles as evidence of the delectable product that can come from a unique blend of origins, as the two exhibiting artists lay testament to this.