catherine grossrieder

One of our artists :
Catherine Grossrieder, also known by her other moniker “Cath Love”, is an artist and graphic designer who resides in Hong Kong. Born in 1984 in Bangkok to a Thai mother and Swiss father, she was brought up in Hong Kong during her adolescence. She’s been influenced by a multitude of Asian and Japanese style cartoons, combined with the graffiti and hiphop culture she picked up during her summer vacations in Switzerland in the 90’s. Starting off as Rosa Two as a teenager, she was the first girl to tag and paint pieces with her skater friends on the streets of Hong Kong. It has molded the style of her art and design that we know today. The mind’s imagination and her cultural conditioning are sources of creativity. She enjoys creating cute as well as more surreal, twisted art and hopes that viewers not only appreciate it superficially, but for what it could also communicate.

These days Catherine focuses on fine art. She also practices graphic design, creates murals and draws cartoons featuring the lovable character Jeliboo, but these are under her graffiti alias, Cath Love.
For her fine art collection, she goes by her full name, Catherine Grossrieder.
BA Visual Communications from University of Newcastle Australia (2005)
MA Design from University of Technology Sydney Australia (2007)