Gwailo was born in pre-handover Hong Kong to American parents.

He grew up there, as well as Singapore, the U.S.A, and Australia before returning to Hong Kong to complete High School. The bulk of his life before the age of 18 was spent in Asia.

He has been painting graffiti and street art since he was 12 years old, and has had the fortune to experience numerous different graffiti scenes around the world, and learn from many different artists.

Much of his inspiration comes from Hong Kong’s history, and what he sees on his adventures at odd hours of the night whilst he writes graffiti.

Through his artistic expression he examines taboo subjects within Hong Kong society such as politics, race, drug addiction, gambling, sex, organised crime, homelessness, mental health etc.

His intention with his art is an attempt to explain his life and the world around him as he sees it.

He now resides in Hong Kong.

He is still very active in the graffiti scene.