Nicole Roquel

One of our artists :
Nicole Roquel (b. 1994), born and raised in Hong Kong. Nicole has been fascinated by the whimsical and liberating quality of fantasy stories since childhood – Dainty fairies, mischievous pixies and grumpy goblins living in toadstool houses illustrated in Enid Blyton’s children’s books were a haven for an introverted child, just as it was in the case of drawing. From a very young age, making art was a frequent pastime and natural mode of communication, leading to an accumulation of sketchbooks that consisted of self-taught drawings and sketches. Growing into adolescence, her interest for the fantastical realm extended to the stories of the Brothers Grimm where the grittiness of human nature is conveyed under the disguise of pure and familiar characters. It was the emotional relevancy concealed by fantastical elements that struck her most. Since then, various themes that play with the human psyche and emotion have been carried throughout her work, oftentimes illustrated in a wanderlust-like and nostalgic manner.

Further cultivating her passion for drawing, Nicole attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration. Being an analog and explorative artist, her medium of choice varies from watercolor, acrylic paint, colored ink, biro pen and colored pencils.