Kaidusa’s source of inspiration comes from personal experience and upbringing, having navigated various host countries like Egypt, China, France and the US, to which he never felt a belonging to. As a result, it has rendered him a nomadic Eurasian artist.

Kaidusa, whose mother is Chinese and father a Belgian hotelier, the family migrated from city to city, wherever hospitality work invited them. Hence the artist grew up in an etiquette-filed and disciplined environment from which he wanted to break free.

The artist has always been drawn to nature, due to his family’s involvement in gardening. His hypercolor palette surprisingly comes from a critical and sad place, of which he also dictates the topics of his paintings. Normally we associate sadness with blues, however in Kaidusa’s rebellious nature, he wants to reform our relationship with color and their meanings. He is fascinated by deadly animals and plants that convey bright colors as warnings and in turn he relates it to his melancholic being. As a result, he communicates with saturated hues.