alex castro moore

Alex Castro Moore, an artist with Hong Kong, Macanese and Irish Canadian ancestry has been practicing photography since she was given a Polaroid camera for her 5th birthday by her father, who is also a photographer.

It was in her early twenties during her modelling days that Alex decided to take photography as a form of expression seriously. She has not had formal training in the beaux arts, but exudes a natural knack for it.

Alex primarily works as a fashion and lifestyle photographer, but balances the two genres with her fondness of street scenes and travel.

For this show she has carefully curated a collection of Hong Kong imagery conveying a calming palette of hues drawn from the streets and urban density to soothe the viewer.

Hence the artist hopes to reignite fond memories of sights, sounds and smells of the fragrant harbour with her show, Colour Therapy.

Alex Castro Moore splits her time between Hong Kong and Toronto.